Cat Boarding

*Millshe Cattery are now catering for regulars only*

Our cat accommodation has been built with the cat’s requirements in mind. As cat owners will know, sometimes cats like attention, sometimes they don’t!

Each cat at Millshe has a generous play area, covered from the weather but open to the fresh air, from which they can look out at the gardens and fields, play with their toys or use their scratching posts.

All catteries have an inside area which is fitted with a heat lamp.

There is an outside area with a shelf for lazy days in the sun, this is accessed via an inside ramp.
The catteries are kept locked at all times. No one is allowed in without a member of staff

Feeding and Medicines

Our cats are usually fed twice a day. The very young and elderly may have different needs. Please advise us if your pet has any favourite food or food intolerances. Pets’ own diets may be brought in for their stay – sometimes this can be very helpful to minimise any tummy upsets to sensitive animals. If your pet is on any medication, please provide an adequate supply for his/her stay, in the original container only please.