Sheila Miller

Sheila Miller is the owner of Millshe Kennels. Sheila says

‘The Care of Your Pet is My Priority’

Sheila has been kenneling animals for over twenty five years. Her return boarders are testament to the care and attention she devotes to them.

The Kennels are spacious with large individual outdoor runs, some being heated.

Cats have an outdoor run to themselves and dogs also have an exercise area. Bedding is provided but please bring along any personal items if required to help put your dog at ease.

Sheila provides pet grooming services as an extra, or purely as a service in itself. We provide exercise based upon requirements of the breed and individual animal.

All dogs need to be vaccinated before arrival and a kennel cough booster is also required. Safety is paramount to us.

We have a safe and secure large capacity space and our rural setting makes it perfect for your pets to enjoy. We provide nutritional meals based on your requirements, and special dietary needs can also be catered for, however you can provide your own food.

We are open to all and offer easy access for you and your pet.